Hak Sheng & Co., provides a wide range of products made from bamboo & rattan. Products like raw bamboo pole for designer decoration, traditional chinese wedding baskets to satay skewers and even repairing of rattan webbing for antique and rattan chairs!

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C1) Bamboo Stool


C2) Bamboo Chair (Mother & Child chair)


C3) Bamboo ChairĀ (Mother & Child chair)


C4) Rattan Shell Chair


C5) Rattan Cobbler Chair


C6) Rattan Sewing Chair


C7) Rattan Swing Chair


C8) Rattan Rocking Chair


C9) Rattan Arm Chair


C10) Rattan Seats


C11) Wedding Baskets


C12) Chinese Traditional Wedding BasketĀ (3 Tier )


C13) Traditional Wedding Baskets


C14) Rattan Market Baskets


C15) Willow Floral Baskets & Trays


C16) Rattan Basket


C17) Bamboo Basket


C18) Straw Mats


C19) Rattan Mat (Premium Quality)


C20) Bamboo Leave Hats


C21) Rattan Webbing


C22) Straw Fans


C23) Hoo-la Hood


C24) Coconut Husk Doormat



C25) Rattan Basket